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Rome is a city with thousand features, able to astonish and remain in the memory of those who visit it not only for the beauty of its squares, streets and historical monuments, but also for its excellent food. In particular, the Italian tradition has very rich first courses and Rome certainly is...

Rome, the Eternal City… Is there a better way to describe this capital? The undisputed beauty of Rome brings it every year to be a destination for tourists coming from every part of the globe. Anyone gets remains fascinated by its timeless atmosphere, the joviality of its inhabitants and t...

Rome, a jewel of inestimable value for art and history, never disappoints the millions of tourists who choose it as a destination for shorter or longer stays. The list of places to visit seems to be endless and only one trip is never enough to fully enjoy the heritage of the Eternal City. Today,...

Rome offers visitors events and exhibitions of any kind, in addition to the charm of its history. You can choose between different events with completely different styles. The stay in the Eternal City opens up all possible scenarios, so book a few days in Rome in a downtown apartment to feel free...

If you are planning a trip in Rome, do not forget to take a walk in Piazza Navona. Always pulsating hearts of the Eternal City, the squares have represented an opportunity for meeting and exchange for centuries, so these spaces have been enriched by buildings of inestimable histo...

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