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The reasons for visiting Rome are endless as well as the presence of monuments, museums, places of interest and exclusive shops offered by our splendid capital. But all art lovers will also find another very valid reason to visit the Eternal City, that is the periodic exhibitions...

As soon as you arrive in Rome, tourists and visitors can't wait to dedicate themselves to visit this magnificent city, including stops at the most famous and important historical, cultural and artistic places. However, Rome is much more than this: the local markets with unique features are famous...

The Esquiline district took its name by the homonymous hill where it is situated - do you remember the famous seven hills of Rome? Its name means "glandiferous tree dear to Jupiter", it maybe comes from the name of the guards (Excubie) Romulus used to protect the boundaries of hi...

Do you love travelling but you don't want to abandon the comforts of home? What you miss most about your apartment when you stay around the world are privacy and independence? The answer to all your needs!A solution for travellersTravelling, as you know, is the...

The Arch of Constantine, built on the ancient Via Triumphalis, is considered the largest honorary arch still preserved. Located in the capital, a few steps from the Colosseum, it was not demolished mainly because Constantine was considered the first emperor in favour of the Chris...

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