The most evocative locations in Rome: June 2nd to visit the beautiful Quirinale Gardens

Rome has a peculiar charm the rest of the world envies it. One of the examples of this unique feature can be seen visiting the Quirinale, the historical palace of the first papal, imperial, royal and finally political power. The Quirinale has actually been elected as a residence of pontiffs, of the Emperor Bonaparte, of the Savoia family after the annexation of Rome to the Kingdom of Italy and, finally, of the President of the Italian Republic after 1946. The Quirinale Palace rises on the hill with the same name, from where to enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city of Rome that leaves you breathless.

The charm of the Quirinale
On certain days it is possible to visit some areas of the Quirinale thanks to two different routes proposed. The artistic-institutional and thematic itinerary, except for rainy days, also includes a visit to some parts of the Quirinale Gardens. To understand the magnificence of the place, just think Pope Clement VIII used to meet important ambassadors and personalities in the Quirinale Gardens. The tour can be even more extraordinary on June 2nd, the Italian Republic celebration day, when the gardens are accessible by the public for free, for the whole afternoon, so taking advantage of a sunset view of Rome from one of the best points of Rome.

The gardens of the Quirinale
The gardens' history - about 4 hectares - is strictly connected to the one of its building and walls; they got inserted in the monumental complex in 1550 for the first time, directed by Girolamo da Carpi and Tommaso Ghinucci: they are composed of two different parts, a sort of lower part - also called the "low garden" - and an upper one. The gardens have a double soul, ideally separated from the Viale delle Palme, the border between the "Italian" part and the more typically British one, even more now that rose plants have been planted.
The gardens offer panoramic views of Rome of remarkable beauty, especially at sunset - and it is only at the opening of June 2nd that it is possible to admire the gardens at this time!

Some of the main elements of the gardens:
The Coffee House
Created in 1741 by Pope Benedict XIV, the work by Ferdinando Fuga consists of a portico with 3 arches on the 2 fronts and 2 perspective wings. In front of the facade, there is a paved terrace. Inside there are 3 rooms: the central lodge is today closed by windows, whereas the rooms that respectively open on the right and left are decorated by important works of religious art.

The Organ Fountain
One of the main attractions of the Quirinale gardens is the Organ Fountain, visible from the terrace. The water effects together with the artfully positioned vegetation give life to a truly one-of-a-kind show when combined to the harmonies of the water organ, still perfectly working.

The arboreal labyrinth
Built at the behest of Gregory XVI, the eastern wing of the palace is enriched by an arboreal labyrinth around an obelisk.

The fountain of turtles or dolphins
The fountain, characterized by two overlapping basins, dates back to the 17th century. The upper basin is enriched by the figures of two dolphins, whereas from the lower one emerge two stone turtles. The fountain is positioned towards the edge of the garden and surrounded by a laurel and boxwood back.

June 2nd: extraordinary opening of the gardens
During the celebrations of the Republic Day, the Quirinale Palace is not accessible to the public. Except, however, the gardens, with a special opening: commemorative and celebrative moments take place with the participation of various authorities, such as the band complexes of the various Italian military in the presence of the President. The pieces usually performed are original or arrangements of pieces from the classical repertoire. In some cases, however, the bands can also attract the attention of the public by performing particularly successful soundtracks.
The Quirinale is full of pictures about the special opening days of the gardens and, as you can see, people of all ages to enjoy the moment. To understand the extent of the event, know on the occasion of the opening on June 2nd 2018, more than twenty thousand visitors enjoyed the opportunity to visit the gardens, accompanied by the band of the Air Force, the Carabinieri, the Police and all the other military involved.

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