The most authentic places of Rome: Pigneto, a neighbourhood in ferment

The city of Rome offers a multitude of attractions, historical and artistic places visitors and tourists can discover during their stay in the Italian capital. Looking for the most peculiar and authentic places, perhaps those far from the centre and the areas characterised by the presents of works of art, such as Pigneto district.

Pigneto district
Pigneto district is just a few steps from Roma Termini station, in the south-east area. It has a triangular plant, in the area of Via Prenestina, Via Casilina, Acua Bullicante and Porta Maggiore. Its particular name comes from the row of tall pines along the wall of the historical Villa Serventi. Born around 1870, the district currently attracts young people and tourists who come to visit historical buildings during the day, but also in the evening as it is a lively, artistic and sparkling area of Rome, full of bars and pubs to spend a pleasant and easy night.

Pigneto district and its historical buildings
In the past, this area of Rome was deserted with no dwellings. Later, towards the end of the 1800s, it began to host the first industries and factories and the first dwellings were built giving a residence to workers and railwaymen. Small houses were built, requested by the railway workers' co-operatives, but they suffered the bombardments of the Second World War and most of them were destroyed.
However, there are historical buildings worth of a visit, such as Villa Serventi and Villa Valiani. There are also numerous religious architecture and archaeological sites attracting tourists every year, for example, Porta Maggiore. It is also possible to visit the Sepulcher of Eurisace, a funeral monument belonging to a baker and his wife; the underground Basilica of Porta Maggiore only a few Sundays a year, the Torrione Prenestino and the Sepulcher in Largo Preneste.

Pigneto district: clubs and nightlife
Roman people know Pigneto district for being a neighbourhood in constant ferment, trendy, and young. Made famous by the film by Pasolini, it is as lively as the young people who attend it, artistically alive and in continuous transformation. These features make it one of the favoruite districts for nightlife or to spend an evening with friends. Small streets, lighted alleys, colourful and well-kept houses, Pigneto district today has nothing in common with the popular neighbourhood of some decades ago. In addition to its art - it is the centre of the Urban Art of the Capital - it is an area where different cultures meet and coexist.
Live music, street art, pubs, markets and clubs where you can breathe a lively atmosphere. There actually are many after-dinner pubs where to listen to good rock, hip hop or reggae music, in addition to those offering live music, appreciated not only by young people but also by adult men and women. Moreover, one of the features is its multiculturalism: there are many shops and restaurants that offer tourists and visitors the chance to try foreign specialties such as Lebanese, Greek and the Indian cuisine.
Many inhabitants say it is the most culturally turbulent district in Rome: you can see people riding their bike vary fast, multicultural couples, street-side markets and much more that is worth of a visit. For example, on the last Sunday of every month, the streets of Pigneto are populated by people who sell all kinds of unused objects. This initiative attracts many tourists able to understand the soul of the neighbourhood.

The best places in Pigneto district
If you go there in late afternoon, or evening, you can sip an aperitif or have dinner in one of the nice restaurants offering meals different from the usual Roman cuisine, giving you the possibility to experience something new and innovative. A common peculiarity, also because this district attracts many young university students, often off-site, is they are almost all low-coast, offering quality and innovation at a great price. Necci bar is an historical place, symbol of the district, and ideal place to enjoy an aperitif far from chaos.
For all those who want to dare and breathe the underground atmosphere Pigneto distruct offers, VA.DO al Pigneto is the best place where to go, a special restaurant that offers delicacies even to people with food intolerance. On the contrary, those who love to taste the flavours of far lands can go to Egeo o Kapalà, where the typical Greek cuisine is served, or Tiger Tandoori to enjoy excellent Indian tasty and spicy foods.
There is no shortage of clubs and wine bars offering live music such as Drugo, Tiaso and Na Cosetta. Finally, we can't miss Yeti Libreria Caffé: it shows a typical 70s style, with vintage armchairs and furnishings. You can perfectly combine love for books with a vast bookshop and the coffee break, so important for the Italian tradition. In this café-bookshop many events take place throughout the year, designed by the Libera...Mente cooperative.
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