The most authentic places in Rome: the lively Ostiense district, between nightlife and street art

Ostiense district is in full rebirth: from an industrial area to a university district, a centre of nightlife and a benchmark for street art enthusiasts. Between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, it was the most important production district of Rome, as shown by the industrial buildings now integrated into the urban landscape: the River Port and the Magazzini Generali, the Gazometro, symbol of the neighbourhood, the Montemartini thermo-electric plant, the Ex Dogana, the Industry Bridge and the General Markets.

Some historical hints
Ostiense district takes its name from the street with the same name that crosses it. The urban settlement developed around the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls, starting from the IX century. However, only in 1907 it began his urban development, when Rome's then mayor Ernesto Nathan promoted the creation of an industrial area. The construction of industrial and commercial buildings and the 1909 town plan decreed the success of the district.

Why to visit the Ostiense district
The redevelopment of the neighbourhood in recent years has transformed the area making it of sure interest for tourists and a landmark for those who want to spend an evening of fun. Here you are some of the elements that characterize the district and make it worthy of a visit.

Street art
The cultural life of the area, which has gained a new evolution in recent years, has led to a redevelopment of the old industrial buildings that characterize the neighbourhood thanks to the street art works created by the greatest artists worldwide. The colours of their murals have revived it and made it an open-air museum. The Outdoor Urban Festival started everything in 2011, an event then confirmed over time as an unmissable event for all urban art lovers.

Some works
Sam3's dream opera
At the Basilica of San Paolo fuori le mura, you can admire the dreamlike work by Sam3. On a black background, the silhouette of a man in gray, dressed in stars, admires the Moon that stands out in the sky before him, where there are other men, without identity and in constant motion. It seems they are chasing a rabbit or a hare, which runs away, in an eternal pursuit.

Wall of fame by JB Rock
Continuing an imaginary journey, turning left into Via dei Magazzini Generali, you'll come across JB Rock's Wall of Fame. His mural is really impressive, it is 60 metres long. On a bright red background, well-known characters stand out, being benchmark and models for the artist to draw inspiration from. They are all portrayed in alphabetical order and include characters of various kinds, from Dante Alighieri to Elvis Presley, and Zorro.

Iacurci's swimmer
Going to Via del Porto Fluviale, instead, at the end of the road you will be struck by the masterpiece that overlooks the Pescheria Ostiense, the Swimmer of Iacurci with the swimsuit, the swim cap, and the beach glasses of a thousand colours. This work was created for the 2011 Outdoor Festival and is now part of the collective imagination.

The thousand faces by Blu
On the front of the port, at the corner of Via del Porto Fluviale and Via delle Conce, the work "The thousand faces" by the artist known as Blue will amaze you. The message the author wants to convey by the colourful faces watching the walkers is a social one: according to Blu, attention should be focused on the scourge of the marginalized, homeless men and women, and abusive occupations.

The cinema 
Ostiense district has a strong cinematographic vocation; known thanks to the work by the great director Ferzan Ozpetek, in particular by the movie "The ignorant fairies", it was a meeting point for the directors of Neo-realism, even in the past.

Along Via Ostiense and in the neighbouring streets, such as Via del Porto Fluviale, historical buildings alternate with new openings. Ostiense is the new district of the Eternal City nightlife, a benchmark for all tourists and Roman citizens who want to have fun enjoying good food, music and artistic events. This connotation was also born thanks to the presence of the University of Roma Tre, created in the 90s and strongly inserted in the urban context and in neighbourhood life. From the best places for the aperitif, passing through the places where to dine, up to those where to end the evening, Ostiense offers varied solutions to satisfy everyone's needs.
It is possible to choose a traditional Roman trattoria, just as you can decide to try one of the many ethnic venues. You can also choose three different locations for aperitif, dinner and after dinner time, or choose a club that offers all the 3 convivial experiences.

Apartment as a guarantee of freedom
To fully understand it, Ostiense district must be lived both during the day and in the middle of the night. For this reason, we suggest you to stay in accommodations that do not bind guests with timetables, in any way. In order to avoid restrictive curfew issues, in our opinion, the best solution is to rent an apartment. An independent house compared to the room of a hotel will allow you to organize the day according to your requirements and to your desires.

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