Staying in an apartment in Rome: privacy and independence at your Roman house

Do you love travelling but you don't want to abandon the comforts of home? What you miss most about your apartment when you stay around the world are privacy and independence? The answer to all your needs!

A solution for travellers
Travelling, as you know, is the dream of many people, but often those who travel do not want to renounce to the privacy and the independence their home can offer; for example, maybe, you don’t want to share a bathroom with other people, or to have to meet the critical eye of the concierge looking you up and down cause you go back home too late.
This is why Comfort Stay in Rome meets your needs offering you the perfect solution: renting an apartment equipped with every comfort! Whether you want to escape from your daily routine for just a weekend, or to take all the time you need to explore Rome from the top to the bottom, Comfort Stay has the right apartment for your needs.

Who is it Comfort Stay for
Renting an apartment is the ideal choice in many cases; for example we think of a group of travellers with one or more people having special needs at meal times. What better solution than an apartment where there is a fully equipped kitchen? On the other hand, in case travellers want to move freely and come back late at night, an independent apartment allows you to be free. Hotels often have rigid timetables for breakfast, and do not think about the needs of those who want to enjoy a well-deserved sleep till late. The same goes for the time of cleaning the room: can you imagine the comfort of planning your time as you prefer, compared to the embarrassment of having to manage an unscheduled entry of the cleaning staff? Or, finally, have you ever experienced the (unpleasant) experience of sharing the floor with confusing or very noisy hotel guests?

Big spaces
An added value of staying in an apartment compared to the hotel surely is the possibility of enjoying more space. It is particularly useful in case of long stays, when you have need to feel at home more than usual.

Living Rome as a true Roman citizen
An apartment, rather than a hotel room, has an additional advantage: it gives you the opportunity to fully breathe the reality of the place, living it exactly like a Roman citizen does, and not in a surrogate manner as happens if you stay in the hotel. For example, think about the complete immersion in the Roman reality you can experience walking through a local market and buying dishes for dinner, instead of an anonymous restaurant meal!

Where are the Comfort Stay apartments?
Three are the apartments you can choose among, to explore 3 different areas of Rome, central and close to the main attractions offered by the capital.
Comfort Stay Navona is located in Via di San Nicola De' Cesarini 3.
In these places, history is the sovereign, being the place where the Senate of Rome was probably located and, so, where Julius Caesar lost his life by the conspiracy of the Ides of March. The apartment is a short walk from Largo di Torre Argentina, Piazza Venezia and Via del Corso, famous for its shops.
The Comfort Stay Navona Saint Peter is located in the street known as the antique dealer area, or Via dei Coronari. It is historically known as a benchmark of the art world and, thanks to its central location, it is perfect for visiting Piazza Navona and Castel Sant'Angelo. Along Via della Conciliazione, moreover, you can easily reach San Pietro, which will open in front of you revealing itself in all its splendour and, from there, you can easily get to the Vatican Museums. On sunny days, you will therefore have a pleasant walk, but if you prefer, these areas are also perfectly connected by public transport.
The last apartment, the Comfort Stay Colosseum, as the name says is situated a few steps from the Flavian Amphitheatre and the Imperial Forums. Along Via dei Fori Imperiali you can also enjoy a pleasant walk to Piazza Venezia, admire the Monumental Complex of the Vittoriano and visit the Ara Coeli. The apartment is also close to the underground B, to move around the city.

What the Comfort Stay apartments offer
All apartments are equipped with every comfort, hence the name of the franchising. The choice to stay in an apartment actually does not have to let you renounce to the comforts that desired when you go on holiday, expected to be like a stay in a luxury hotel. The Comfort Stay customer is pampered throughout the stay, from the reservation, easily executable from the website Upon returning home, you will immediately want to book your next Comfort Stay…stay!

Comfort Stay Navona
It can accommodate up to 7 people and it is located in a historical building with very large spaces. The furniture follows the Japanese style, the apartment is perfectly soundproofed, thus ensuring peace and privacy. You can also choose, according to your personal preferences, between the shower and the bathtub.

Comfort Stay Saint Peter
The added value of this apartment is the view thanks to its location: it actually is an attic overlooking the roofs of Rome in the street of antique dealers. Here, up to 7 people will be comfortably hosted, too. To fully enjoy the view of the city, the terraces can be used for breakfast with a view that will remain in your memory for ever.

Comfort Stay Colosseo
This apartment is located in the heart of Rome, in the centre of Monti, an historical Roman district, recently rediscovered thanks to the opening of many clubs and now one of the benchmarks of Roman nightlife. Recently renovated, it offers a double bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room, for a maximum of 4 beds. The kitchen, equipped with everything you need, and the living room are the strong points of the apartment, also equipped with Wi-Fi and large flat-screen TV.

Do you want to stay in Rome?

For this location we recommend Comfort Stay in Rome, ideal for discovering Rome thanks to its strategic position.

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