Shopping in Rome: looking for great deals at the Rione Monti vintage market

If we talk about finding some vintage pieces in Rome, the first thing that comes to mind is Rione Monti, the excellence of vintage and retro shops. This area of the Capital is also a meeting point for stylists, designers and enthusiasts who compete to buy the most unique and rare items of clothing.

Rione Monti in Rome
This neighbourhood is one of the most elegant in the whole city. Slow-food clubs, wineries, gourmet shops and restaurants able to satisfy the personal tastes of anyone. However, Rione Monti is well-known for hosting one of the most famous vintage markets in Rome. In addition to it, artisan workshops and small ateliers to admire artistic creations, entirely made by hand, tailors and leather goods shops are also scattered throughout the area. For this reason, those who arrive in Rione Monti, like both walking among the alleys and the shops and visiting the vintage market.

Rione Monti vintage market
Rione Monti vintage market, known as Monti Market, is located near the Cavour underground station in Via Leonina, very close to the Colosseum. It is completely indoors in the conference hall of the Grand Hotel Palatino. Monti Market is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm, except for July and August. The interior is presented as a space able to accommodate a variegated number of stands offering all kinds of vintage and unique pieces for sale to customers. Mind this market, in addition to offer the chance to show objects coming from important collections, or handcrafted creations in full Made in Italy style to the tourists, it also allows young and older people to get involved and discover their own talent and art. For this reason, Monti Market is considered as a true aggregation place in Rome, where to surround yourself by products that deserve just even to be known.

Vintage stands and traditional creations
If you think about the vintage market, clothing immediately comes to mind, but this is not enough to describe this peculiar market in Rione Monti. The exhibitors show their rare vinyl records, belts, bags and wallets entirely made of leather - by hand! -, artisan jewelry creations and classic furnishings respecting the made in Italy style. Concerning vintage clothing, there are many young people who decide to participate in the market to show their pieces of clothing.
Some of them display the collection of carefully selected items over the years, starting from clothing items from the early 1900s. Often, you can also find items signed by the big fashion brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurant and Valentino there. Fans of the genre will surely find the style of the past and a superior quality, better than several brands on the market. However, not only vintage clothing but also jewelry is available. We are talking about largely restored and unique pieces. All those proposed have an elegant, retro and timeless charm you can found only at Rione Monti vintage market. In addition, a lot of music lovers visit Monti Market to find unobtainable collections. Vinyls are the centerpiece of many collectors who offer records of any musical genre, from rock, pop, to new wave and funky.
Personal creations deserve peculiar attention: they are exhibited by artisans who decide to introduce their art and their craft. One of the most elegant and refined stands you can see at the vintage market is that of an artist who personally creates women's clothing using the technique of the painting. Every single fabric is a unique piece in the world because it is personally painted in a traditional way. The various pieces have designs and patterns created with different techniques based on the chosen fabric.

Why to go to Rione Monti vintage market?
We must think about this market as a centre of aggregation, a large family in which an environment of ferment and innovation reigns, although most of the products on display are vintage pieces from the past. You will always find original and unique articles: it is impossible for anybody arriving there and not to be astonished by something. Beyond that, the feature visitors mostly most is that you can find articles for any budget. Ultimately, this simple, apparently vintage market is actually much more: a continuous search for the best collectors, artisans and designers makes this place a true representative of Made in Italy. It can be stated the vintage Rione Monti market is a must for tourists and visitors, and it is necessary to stress that all the items, even if vintage, are still new and not second-hand.

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