Food and wine in Rome: the best historical wine bars in Rome, and new openings

In the past, the most popular clubs, in addition to the restaurants and typical taverns, were the Irish-style pubs and bars. For several years, the choice of places where to sip a drink and find a suitable environment to spend a pleasant evening has been considerably increased, including wine bars. But what are they and why do people like them so much?
There are many lovers of good wine in our country, according to a tradition placing itself on the same level of from those from others nations. Ordinary people don't dislike enjoying a good glass of wine, preferring it to a beer or the usual cocktail, and the same goes for foreigners, as they can taste wine hard to be found out of Italy.
Which are the best wine bars in Rome you can't miss during a stay in the eternal city? Please, take notes about the following addresses.

Antica Enoteca di Via della Croce
In Via della Croce 76B, it is possible to join the warm and relaxing atmosphere of this pretty wine shop, founded in 1720. Its ancient history perfectly fits with the features of the place, particularly suggestive, characterized by a large wooden bar on which exceptional dishes stand out, including quality hams, strictly cut by a knife.
Don't miss the fumé of fish and bigoli, a long type of pasta similar to big spaghetti prepared with the most varied seasonings. The Antica Enoteca in Via della Croce is the perfect place for a romantic evening, warmed by a good glass of wine.

Enoteca Cavour 313
Founded by five friends experts of wine, this restaurant offers an exceptional wine cellar, making it one of the best wine bars in Rome. As its name suggests, it is located in Via Cavour 313 and it actually is a meeting point for all wine lovers in the city.
It is not just the wine offer that makes the difference, but also a cuisine placing this place next to top-level restaurants. Gastronomy ranges from classic dishes of Italian cuisine to carefully selected foreign proposals.
At Cavour 313, you can choose the wine according to your tastes, the expert staff will suggest you what to choose, accompanying it with the right foods. Do you know how many wine labels are there? Over a Thousand! The staff is quick and kind, the environment is warm and welcoming, more like an old cellar than the new design wine bars.

In Via Cernaia 37 there is the oldest wine shop in the capital. It opened in 1821, although only about thirty years ago it combined tasting with sales, becoming the first Italian wine bar. In short, a series of leaders that make this place the favourite choice for anyone who loves wine.
It offers a fully stocked card, constantly updated and including about 6 thousand labels. Despite a truly infinite choice, the kitchen cannot be said to be equally rich. The proposals actually concern only some selections of meats and cheese, but few hot dishes.
Do not miss desserts: they are simply excellent. Let's conclude by another record: in the 1960s, the owner of the restaurant Marco Trimani was the first to bring Brunello di Montalcino in Rome, by request of President Saragat.

Enoteca del Frate
In Via degli Scipioni 118, this historical wine shop is located in the heart of Prati district. Since almost a hundred years it has delighted an infinite number of customers thanks to an incredible wine list and some gastronomic offers of great level. The staff is very helpful and happy to recommend you the best combinations.
The atmosphere of the place is warm and comfortable, also thanks to the soft lights creating a perfect framework for the pleasure of tasting. The menu offers a delicious Norcia aged 18 months ham, peculiar cheese (including aone made of goat milk with berries and rose petals and other various proposals from abroad), and desserts. It must be acknowledged the research the owners do, concerning both wines and food, is really painstaking.

Casa Bleve
In Via del Teatro Valle 48, Casa Bleve hosts all wine lovers from Monday to Saturday. Dedicated to those who want an elegant place, this historical wine bar is located in a noble Renaissance style residence, the splendid Palazzo Medici Lante della Rovere.
Decorated with marvelous marbles, stuccoes, glass windows and round arches, it is managed by two spouses from Salento who welcome every customer with professionalism and courtesy, offering them rare labels and perfect combinations. The gastronomic proposal can count on raw materials of high level. If you love elegance and you want to spend a nice evening in a refined place, write down this address.

This little place located in Via Tuscolana proposes a large number of wines, especially sparkling wines and whites, served with almost entirely raw fish dishes. A place that will make sushi lovers happy, offering them an exceptional menu and a long list of even more interesting combinations, created by the genius of chef Nestor.
The style of the restaurant is rather minimalist and its name comes from the combination of the terms "cru" - borrowed from French to indicate quality vineyards - and the abbreviation "dop", marking the products of protected and controlled origin.

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