Food and Wine in Rome: a guide to the best ethnic restaurants in the capital

During a stay in Rome, in addition to visit historical monuments, it is possible to plan a fascinating food and wine tour, among the several ethnic restaurants in the capital. There are many reasons to taste a dish by the food and wine tradition of another country outside of Italy. Firstly, tasting the typical dishes of a different nation allows you to virtually travel in that country, exploring tastes and flavours without having to buy any plane tickets. Eating in an ethnic restaurant in Rome also gives you the chance to admire the marvels of the furniture with which the restaurant was set up.
Do not miss the element of transgression, in its culinary meaning, through which you can freely express your desire to eat in freedom without any rule. You will read a short study about food and wine in Rome, with a special guide to the best ethnic restaurants in the capital: from the Mexican to the Japanese cuisine, passing through the Peruvian, Ethiopian and Indonesian ones.

Indonesian Bali restaurant (Indonesian cuisine)
If you want to taste the best Indonesian cuisine in Rome, one of the absolute landmarks is the Bali restaurant. The quality of the dishes is extremely high and all the dishes on the menu can best replicate the traditional cuisine of Indonesia. You will seem to be suddenly launched into the typical oriental atmosphere of Jakarta, Bali and its surroundings, savouring tastes and fragrances.
The best choice you can make after entering the Bali is to order the set menu, to receive up to 8 dishes, in order to make an experience even more complete. We also recommend you the unique atmosphere of the restaurant, thanks to the typically oriental background music and soft lighting. It is an ideal place for those who want to taste Indonesian food with their partner, giving them a special evening. Bali restaurant is located in Trastevere district, less than 200 metres from the Church of Sant'Egidio, in the square with the same name.

Taki Sushi Japanese Restaurant (Japanese Cuisine)
Simply the best sushi you can eat in Rome. The Taki Sushi restaurant is a real institution in the capital. Every year thousands of tourists enter the venue to try the best Japanese cuisine in Rome. Elegance and professionalism are the two distinctive features of the restaurant furnishings and of the people of the staff. Taki Sushi is particularly famous for its sushi.
Those who have already eaten at the most famous Japanese restaurant in the capital surely have praised the main dish of Japanese cuisine, revealing they can find no difference with sushi eaten in Japan. If you have never been to the Land of the Rising Sun, tasting Taki Sushi dishes you can fully immerse yourself in the culinary culture of the Asian country. Taki Sushi is located opposite Piazza Cavour, about a 5-minute walk from Castel Sant'Angelo.

Inka's Grill Peruvian Restaurant (Peruvian cuisine)
The list of the best ethnic restaurants in Rome also includes the restaurant Inka's Grill, offering Peruvian cuisine. As we said at the beginning, a trip in the capital offers you the chance to taste food from all over the world. Concerning South America, Peru boasts a record-breaking culinary tradition, with almost 500 different dishes, so much so that it competes with countries always protagonists in this field, including Italy, China and India.
Eating at Inka's Grill, you can taste dishes whose portions are always plentiful and very delicious foods. The grill restaurant is the best solution if you want to meet flavours of the Peruvian cuisine, with the highest peaks at Inka's Grill. The restaurant is located in Primavalle district, about 400 metres from the main square of the district, Piazza Pio IX. Near the restaurant, there is the institution of the Oblate Nuns of the Holy Spirit.

Mexican restaurant El Pueblo (Mexican cuisine)
One of the most famous ethnic restaurants in Rome - regardless of the cuisine - is El Pueblo, Mexican cuisine. In the numerous guides dedicated to ethnic venues, El Pueblo is always in the very top positions.
Almost everyone at least once in their life has booked a Mexican table to taste the typical dishes of the Central American nation. If you desire to find out the best proposal of the Roman capital, the restaurant El Pueblo is almost mandatory. It was designed on two different levels: the first floor is immersed in a Caribbean style, the second one makes the guests feel as if they were visiting a Mayan temple. People who tasted El Pueblo restaurant cuisine also recommend ordering Mexican beer, one of the house's specialties. The restaurant is located about 10 minutes from Porta Pertusa which marks the entrance to the Vatican Gardens.

Ethiopian restaurant Enqutatash (Ethiopian cuisine)
When you think about ethnic restaurants, Mexican, Indian and Japanese are often the most popular ones. However, few know African cuisine, despite being the closest continent to America and Asia.
If you want to discover flavours and tastes directly coming from Africa, one of the best solutions in Rome is the Enqutatash, the restaurant where you can taste the typical dishes of Ethiopian cuisine. The owner of the place is very nice and offers a professional explanation for each dish in the menu. Enqutatash guests suggest to try not only the couscous, labelled in several parts as magnificent, but also the Tij, a drink based on alcoholic honey, typical of the African tradition. The local Enqutatash is located in the heart of the V municipality of Rome, a stone's throw from the park dedicated to the memory of the director Pier Paolo Pasolini.

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