Events in Rome: the extraordinary show Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel

Art meets entertainment. Thus "Last Judgment. Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel " was born: a monstrous event that since last March 15th - date of its debut - has never ceased to be protagonist. Over 200,000 tickets already sold! The venue chosen to stage it is the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome, hosting about 11 repetitions per week considering matinees, afternoon and evening performances. It is indeed a permanent live show, whose programming covers the entire year, and is the first production of Artainment Worldwide Shows, signing the birth of a real genre. At the base, there is the precise desire to create a connection between the beauty of the greatest works of art and the emotional and involving codes of the show, giving life to an innovative mode of disclosure that takes impulse by our extraordinary cultural repertoire for the content and by the contemporary visual language for the way to tell it. Emotion becomes the common thread of a unique and surprising journey destined to revolutionize the world of entertainment. The prestigious signature behind this unprecedented production, which relies on the scientific advice of the Vatican Museums, is by Marco Balich, former creator and curator of major events, such as the opening and closing ceremonies of the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics to the opening of Rio 2016, Expo 2015 - where he was artistic director of the Italian Pavilion, for which he created the now famous Tree of Life. The internationality and the greatness of the event also emerge from two other prominent names: Sting composed the original musical theme, and our excellent Pierfrancesco Favino lends his voice to Michelangelo.

The most advanced technology at the service of a masterpiece of art history
The absolute protagonist is the Sistine Chapel, a priceless artistic treasure leaving anybody without words. Artists who wrote the history of the Renaissance passed there, from Botticelli to Perugino, from Cosimo Rosselli to Domenico Ghirlandaio, from Pinturicchio to Luca Signorelli. The walls with scenes about the Old and New Testament reveal their refined authors.
But Michelangelo, who worked on it lately, made this place immortal: firstly, decorating the vault with Stories of Genesis (1508-1512) and then the back wall, the one housing the masterpiece of the Last Judgment (1535-1541). The eyes of the numerous visitors usually observe and will continue to observe the extraordinary characters, by the genius of the greatest Renaissance artist, unfortunately but obviously missing all those details that inevitably escape an ordinary tourist visit.
Details that, instead, are the focus of this incredible show, thanks to the use of advanced technology. Half of the Auditorium room, from the ceiling to the walls, was covered by a cloth for 270° projections. Very high resolution images made available in an extraordinary way by the Vatican Museums are projected on it- The play of lights, colours, sound effects and off-screen voices are added to these exclusive graphic reproductions to involve the public in an unprecedented sensory and emotional journey. For 60 minutes, the spectators will be placed immersed in an extraordinary experience. Barbara Jatta, the director of the Vatican Museums, defines it as a show able to restore that privileged view of the frescoes the technicians have when they climb onto the scaffolding to carry out restoration works. Not a replacement of a live tour, but something that can go very close to it.

The journey in the Sistine Chapel
Through a journey back in time, the spectators will be transported to the Carrara caves, in the sixteenth century, where the great artist was looking for the perfect marble. Michelangelo is presented as a sculptor, poet and painter, and it is precisely as a painter that he was chosen by Pope Julius II to paint the vault of the Sistine Chapel.
Buonarroti himself discovers the paintings of the side walls, work by other great Italian masters who preceded his intervention, with the spectators of the show. Thus a magic journey about the story of begins on the vault. A year after the end of the works (1513), the Chapel became the seat of the conclave at the end of which Rome had its new bishop and the whole Catholic world its new guide. Pope Clemente VII commissioned Michelangelo the Last Judgment for the most important wall: a powerful and visionary fresco, completely breaking with the previous tradition so conquering immortality.

A total show unique in the world
This unprecedented show aims to present one of the most incredible places in the history of world art in a new way. A unique theatrical and technological system in the world allows you to give all the power of Michelangelo's masterpiece back to him. The physical action of theatrical performance and the magic of special effects are put at the service of a story never seen before. It's not a musical, it's not a choreography, it's not a theatre show, but all these things together.
It is a show of art and history perfectly blended with the most modern live entertainment techniques. This is why Balich used an exceptional technical team to carry it out. In addition to Sting, John Metcalfe, arranger of U2, Coldplay, Blur and Morrissey, Bruno Poet, Broadway light designer, Mirko Perri, sound designer, Fotis Nikolaou, choreographer; Gabriele Vacis, theatrical supervisor; Giovanna Buzzi, costume designer: just a few names of participants.
In Italian, but with the possibility of a paid translation service in headphones in 9 languages, the multimedia journey in the Sistine Chapel is an event you can't miss. A must see for the millions of Italian and foreign visitors who want to discover the Eternal City not only following its streets and visiting its museums, but also living original and innovative experiences.
At the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome, the incredible story of the genesis of a masterpiece awaits you. Come and discover the wonders of the secret place of the Pope's election, together with their author.

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