Events in Rome: a great exhibition on Andy Warhol to celebrate Pop Art

The reasons for visiting Rome are endless as well as the presence of monuments, museums, places of interest and exclusive shops offered by our splendid capital. But all art lovers will also find another very valid reason to visit the Eternal City, that is the periodic exhibitions set up in prestigious locations and dedicated to famous artists of the present and the past.
On October 3rd, for all Pop Art enthusiasts, the exhibition dedicated to Andy Warhol - one of the most known and loved modern artists - opened at the Vittoriano, celebrated on the 90th anniversary of the birth with more than 170 works.

Monumental Complex of the Vittoriano
It is somewhat the symbolic monument of Rome, after the Colosseum of course, and it is commonly called the Altare della Patria. Built between 1885 and 1911 in honour of Vittorio Emanuele II di Savoia, the first King of Italy, it represents the love for country as it hosts the body of the unknown soldier, since the 1920s. Entirely made of white marble, it stands out with its imposing bulk dominating Piazza Venezia in the heart of Rome. It was designed not only as a memorial but also as a living space that can be enjoyed by the population for museums and art exhibitions, thanks to the Ala Brasini, accessible by Via San Pietro in Carcere. There are the Institute and Museum of the Risorgimento, where exhibitions regularly take place, telling the stories of great artists or talking about themes of cultural interest hosted in the three large exhibition spaces: the Great Exhibitions Hall, the Central Hall and the Jubilee Hall.

Andy Wahrol
He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1928, and he became famous in the 60s, as the most well-known founder and exponent of Pop Art, thanks to his works realised by new techniques - an important example is the silk-screen printing - completely breaking with the concept of art so far in vogue. His works are creative, communicative, colourful, affecting, they catch the eye at first sight, they are irreverent and alternative. Warhol has always said art should be consumed, like a soup, a dress or a television. It is not a coincidence the work that made him famous is just the Campbell's Soup, 32 representations in synthetic polymer on canvas depicting all the variants of the very popular Campbell soups on the market.
His most famous works certainly are the portraits of famous people: surely you have seen the famous and colourful portrait of Marilyn Monroe reproduced in many different shades at least once! But Warhol did not leave a deep mark only in the world of art, he actually completely overturned the concept of communication and widened the use of artistic contents, moving it from a small circle of intellectuals to the great masses of the people. Pop-Art actually is the abbreviation for Popular Art, an art breaking out from low classes, taking inspiration from everyday things, familiar to everyone.
To Warhol, for example, Coca Cola becomes an object of art because everyone can drink it. Liz Taylor, Marylyn Monroe or any other famous person consumes the exact same drink that any citizen can buy in any supermarket. According to it, art becomes a commercial product that must be consumed and made alive by a wide public.

The monographic exhibition
The exhibition, divided into five different rooms at the Complesso del Vittoriano, tells the genius and creativity of Andy Warhol from the beginning, when the then unknown artist, created and gave rise to Pop Art thanks to the Campbell's Soup series, in 1962.
The exhibition also includes the most famous successive series of portraits dedicated to prominent personalities of the show and beyond: Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Mao, Lenin just to give some examples, but also commercial products like Coca Cola transformed from a simple drink into a real icon.
The strong bond between Andy Warhol and music is also revealed: among all the works exhibited, you can discover the yellow banana became the cover of the Velvet Underground album in 1967, and the Sticky Fingers jeans by the Rolling Stones, together with some memorabilia, like guitars. In addition to all this, there is a room dedicated to Warhol’s relationship with fashion, where portraits of some designers and actors such as Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Liza Minnelli and Sylvester Stallone are exhibited.
The hall dedicated to another of Warhol’s most famous icons, the five-petals flower, is very hypnotic and colourful: the artist elaborated it in 1964, starting from a picture of a Hibiscus flower. He took the image, transformed it abstracting it from its own context, simplified the subject and multiplied it beyond belief (he made more than 900 copies) until it became a graphic and decorative work, known throughout the world under the name of Andy Warhol's Flowers.

Useful information
The exhibition, opened last October 3rd, will be open until February 3rd 2019, every day with non-stop hours and special openings also on public holidays on December and January. At the same time, is possible to visit the exhibition dedicated to Jackson Pollock, at the Vittoriano itself. For any information about dates, times, reservations and prices, visit the official website of the event

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