Events in Rome: Roma Planetario: the digital exhibition about astronomical disclosure

From July 4th 2017, the Ex Dogana in San Lorenzo, which was at the beginning of the 1900s the freight yard of Termini station, hosts Roma Planetario, the digital exhibition focused on astronomical disclosure. It is an ambitious project strongly boosted by the Department of Cultural Growth (with the scientific direction of the Capitolina Superintendence for Cultural Heritage) and conceived with a very specific aim: to boost the scientific divulgation and the discovery of the universe. Previously housed in the Eur dome, the activities of the Roman planetarium are currently taking place in the renovated and larger rooms of the Ex Dogana, which boasts an area of 377 square metres. These spaces host a 12 metres geode, inside which 360° projections are made with the help of the Definiti® 4K technology. This kind of technology uses 5 Barco 4K projectors, which touch 10-12 million pixels on the geode screen, a surround system (with 5 speakers placed around the perimeter of the dome) and a subwoofer. To top it all, a space navigation software, which allows a hundred spectators to contemplate a faithful projection of the celestial bodies that gravitate around the Earth and even make a journey through the firmament. But that's not all. The projections of Roma Planetario allow to discover also the micro-world and the complex molecules from which it is made. Are you planning a stay in the Capital and you would like to live an unforgettable experience? Is astronomy your passion? Well then, don't miss the events, the conferences and the enchanting celestial observations of Roma Planetario. Thanks to the technical and scientific services of Zetema and the very structure of the planetarium, organized by MondoMostre Skira, you will experience evocative cosmic tours among constellations, nebulae, planets and galaxies.

The astronomical shows of Roma Planetario
The Roman planetarium offers you the opportunity to learn the secrets of cosmic space through an interesting program of shows, also suitable for children, from 4 years of age. To access these shows, which have a duration of 45 minutes, you must first obtain the entrance tickets (by buying them online or upon arrival) and show them up there at least 10 minutes before the shows start. Ticket validity is limited to a single show. To find out all the ticket purchase methods, the cost details and to find other useful information, you can consult the website Here you are the shows proposed by Roma Planetario with start times and relative description.

Far Worlds ... Alien Life?
Winter season → from Tuesday to Friday 5.00 pm; Saturday, Sunday and festivities 12.00pm. Summer season → from Tuesday to Friday 11.00 am; Saturday and Sunday 12.00pm. It is a show suitable for everyone, even for children aged 10 and over. Distant Worlds ... Alien Life? is a suggestive representation inspired by one of humanity's most remote questions: are we really alone in the immense universe? On the great firmament of Roma Planetario, secrets and mysteries about the existence of forms of life beyond our solar system are thus staged. The show direction, produced jointly by the planetariums of Münster, Mannheim, Wolfsburg, Kiel and Bochum, is managed by Björn Voss. Instead, the scientific team at the planetarium managed the technical adaptation.

#OpenSpaces: planetarium reloaded
Winter season → Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 5.00 pm; , Sunday and festivities 12.00pm. Summer season → from Tuesday to Friday 11.00 am; Saturday and Sunday 12.00pm. It is also suitable for everyone and recommended for ages 10 and up. #OpenSpaces: planetarium reloaded is a thrilling experience, a breathtaking cosmic immersion through the light years. After having asked you to fasten your seatbelts, the astronomers of Roma Planetario, with the help of hi-tech equipment, will simulate a universal flight, making you explore from above the valleys of Mars and leading you through the rings of Saturn, and then fling yourself to the external of the solar system. You will thus know the galaxies beyond the Milky Way and you will push yourself to the limits of the known universe. Curators of the show are Gabriele Catanzaro, Stefano Giovanardi, Giangiacomo Gandolfi and Gianluca Masi.

3, 2, 1 ... Into Orbit!
Winter season → Tuesday and Thursday 6.00pm; Saturday, Sunday and festivities 11.00am and 5.00pm. Summer season → from Tuesday to Friday 4.00pm; Saturday and Sunday 11.00 am and 4.00pm. This is a show specifically designed and created for an audience of children aged between 4 and 10 years. 3,2,1 ... Into Orbit! is a production of remarkable originality, thanks to which the young spectators have the possibility of being in front of the stars. The astronomers of the planetarium in Rome will accompany your children along an exploration expedition to the firmament, helping them to identify the numerous stars and outline the seasonal constellations. The children will also savour the thrill of turning into real little astronauts: the Roma Planetario staff will actually lead them on a daring flight among the planets. The curators of the representation are the same as #OpenSpaces: planetarium reloaded.

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